Our Whole-Website Approach

Whole website approach

The whole product concept is an idea first introduced in Theodore Levitt's The Marketing Imagination. The concept is very simple: with high-tech products, like computers or websites, there is usually a large gap between what vendors are selling, and what customers think they are buying.

For example, when most people buy a computer for the first time, they expect to get a monitor.

And why not? What good is a computer without a monitor? But in most cases, a monitor is not included as part of the computer product. It is an add-on that must be purchased separately.

The same is often true with websites. When a small business owner purchases a website for the first time, he or she assumes that it comes ready to work and includes everything they need to build a successful online business.

However, this is not true. In most cases, the website owner must add on a variety of products and services to create the whole product that he really needs.

For example, some website packages come with hosting but not backups. Many come with email but not spam and virus filtering -- essential these days.

More importantly, nearly all websites come without marketing. Most first-time online dealers think their website is a type of advertising. Unfortunately, this is not true. A website needs marketing, especially in the beginning, to attract customers.

Identry's whole-website approach is designed to give our customers everything they need to succeed with their online business -- without having to assemble and integrate DIY kits from several different vendors, themselves.

So our goal is to supply a complete, turn-key package. A website, plus: