TopSeller II Self-Optimizing E-Commerce Websites for Collectible Dealers

The standard TopSeller II system is all most dealers need, but we can also customize any part of the system, or add new features.

Why a Self-Optimzing Website?

To succeed online, you need to show up on search engines. To show up on search engines, you need a website designed for Search Engine Optimization. TopSeller II is the the first website designed to optimize itself for search engines, eliminating the need to spend thousands on SEO consultants or pay-per-click ads.

The TopSeller II website package evolved out of our extensive experience working with stamp, coin, and collectible dealers. Most of its features exist because one or more of our clients needed and asked for them.

When would it make sense to consider a Top Seller II website?

  • When you are aiming to build the #1 website in your specialty, but don't want to make a large capital investment.
  • When you need to show up on search engines when collectors search for your specialty, or items that you have in stock. When you aren't a Search Engine Optimization expert, and don't want to hire a SEO consultant. When you need a website that will self-optimize itself for your most important keywords.
  • When you want a website that includes marketing features that have been proven, over time, to work for collectible dealers.
  • When you want a 'turnkey' system that you can use immediately, not a DIY kit that you have to assemble yourself.
  • When you want a website that you can update yourself, without programming or HTML.
  • When you want features like Scott numbers, multiple categories, grades and conditions, certificates, or ISBN numbers that are not included in 'generic' websites.
  • When you want a website with security built-in, including PCI compliance (strict new rules for Credit Card data)
  • When you want your website be able to grow and change as your online business grows and changes.
  • When you want support from a company that has made a long-term commitment to the collectible business. That has been around for 7 years, and will be there when you need help.
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Yes! I want to learn more about how a TopSeller II self-optimizing e-commerce website can:

  • dramatically improve my search engine visibility
  • attract more qualified collectors to my website
  • improve ROI by reducing costs for print advertising, pay-per-click ads, and manual search engine optimization

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Detailed Feature List »

TopSeller II Website includes:

  • Unlimited number of Web pages
  • Online catalog optimized for stamp, coin, and collectible dealers.
  • Self optimization for search engines
  • Secure, PCI-complient Shopping Cart and Checkout for E-Commerce
  • Automated Marketing Features
  • Consistent, easy-to-use navigation on every page
  • Custom Graphic design

TopSeller II Administrator includes:

  • Content Management system - update your web pages yourself
  • Page Management System - add any number of webpages
  • Inventory Management System - add any number of stamps, coins, or other collectibles to your website.
  • Optimized for collectibles - any number of images per item; any number of catalog #s per item; any number of categories per item
  • Order Management System - view orders, print invoices, track status, view reports
  • Customer Management System - manage customer data

TopSeller II Monthly Fee includes:

  • Licenses
  • Support
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Free Quarterly Updates, including new features

Detailed Feature List »

Whole Product

TopSeller II Whole Product

To operate a successful, profitable online business, you need more than a website. You also need reliable installation, hosting, nightly backups, email, documentation, training, web measurements, reports, data export to 3rd party applications, support, and -- most importantly -- marketing tools.

Identry's whole product approach is designed to give our customers not just a website, but everything they need to succeed with their online business -- without having to assemble and integrate bits and pieces from several different vendors, themselves.

Our long-term success depends on the long-term success of our customers. We are committed to giving our customers a complete, turn-key package that give them everything they need to build or grow the online part of their business.

TopSeller II Whole Product


Latest TopSeller II websites:

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The TopSeller II Administration website is available to the dealer within 3 working days, so he or she can start entering inventory and writing page content almost immediately.

The website is typically ready to 'go live' in 1-2 months, largely depending on how much time the dealer can devote to the project.

Our standard schedule is based on a 4 person development team:

  • Project manager/Programmer
  • Programmer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Network Specialist

Because the longest task is the creation of quality custom graphics, which is difficult to rush, a deployment schedule of less than 1 month is not recommended for Top Seller II websites. Call to discuss details.


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More Info

Please contact John Almberg, our Managing Partner, if you would like more information, or are interested in this service.

Toll free: 1-888-IDENTRY (1-888-433-6879)

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