Testimonials from our Customers

Jim Roselle -- American Stamp Dealers Association, Inc.


After joining the American Stamp Dealers Assoc., Inc. in 2004, I took a look at our website and immediately knew that due a much needed overhaul. Unfortunately, there were several other issues that also need to be resolved and I did not feel I could dedicate the time that a complete overhaul of a website would require. John Almberg, a member of the association, contacted me with an offer to take on the task of updating the ASDA website. John and his wife Helena own a business called Identry whose main focus is building and optimizing websites. I knew very little about Identry but felt it was worth giving John and Helena a chance. The decision to do so has helped the association tremendously. The website that Identry designed is not only graphically appealing, it is user friendly, something which was lacking on our old website. We used to receive phone calls from collectors and we would spend 15-30 minutes helping them navigate our old website. Now when a call comes in, we direct them to our website and the user is able to find everything he or she wants right at their fingertips.

I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to have a new website built or an upgrade of an existing website, contact Identry. Both John and Helena are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. I know that the association has profited greatly by what they’ve done.

Dick Gagnon -- Brookman/Barrett & Worthen


"Working with Identry in building our website was more exciting than it was work. Identry didn't just design us a great looking site, they went a step forward and continue to work with us to increase our sales. Signing up with them is like hiring a marketing agency. They constantly talk to me about new ideas on ways to get people to the site, and then how we can convert hits into sales.

In the internet world there are many websites out there selling what we sell [stamps and covers], so we have to stand out a bit more. Having the experience to know what will work and what will not is not something everyone has when they are building a website. That is why we strongly recommend Identry to many people because they go the extra distance to make it succeed.

Identry -- they just don't make you a pretty site, they make you a site that works for you."

Curtis Gidding - www.curtisgiddingstampstore.com


"First of all this is not a commercial.

"Selling on the internet via a web site requires a lot more internet savy than most of us as stamp dealers possess. Through experience, I have found that it helps to find a company that knows how the internet works and can offer valid and economical services.

Last year, I got in contact with Identry, Inc. who specializes in working with dealers in collectibles i.e. stamps. They designed my website and also provide web site tracking and statistics at very reasonable rates. Personally, I do not and cannot afford the time to learn about web site development and all this technical stuff to do it myself. I would suggest that you check them out www.identry.com

I have been pleased with their service and feel that they are truly interested in making my web site and my sales activity a success. If you find them to be something that you might want to use, be sure to call John Almberg at Identry. You will find him very personable and a person who truly wants to help you become a succesful internet stamp dealer. Be sure to check out my website, www.curtisgiddingstampstore.com which they developed."

Jeff Schmidt -- Windsor Books


"Identry's Top Seller website has allowed us to take advantages of marketing opportunities which we were ignoring simply because we were too busy to focus on them. Naturally, we would like to distribute our books by all profitable means available. Top Seller has not only opened up new channels of distribution for us -- but has also aggressively sold our products through pre-existing channels we had no idea were being so underutilized.

Identry is an extremely easy company to work with. In fact, they are a bookseller's dream come true. Their website does all the legwork to generate new orders... and drop new customers right into our lap. You can't get more user friendly than that!

I would heartily recommend that anyone and everyone should take advantage of Identry's services. I found them to be friendly, thorough, and extremely competent marketing partners. And -- best of all -- they bring loads of new business!

Galina -- galinawatercolors.com


Enjoyed working with you these past four years. The website Galina Watercolors that you created to exhibit our artwork has proved to be in very good taste and has resulted in considerable sales on the paintings on display."

Geoffrey Hollander -- The Bridal Outlet

"It has been a couple of months since you created our website. I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and timely manner you got things done. Since being "up" on the web, we have had a continuous flow of business. We have tapped into a part of our market that we did not know was there. Thank you."

Don Breinlinger :: IDS Interactive, LLC


"John, great work, as always. I just tested and everything looks good. Thanks for getting it in! Can't thank you enough for the great job!"