TopSeller II Revision History

3rd Qtr 2009

21 Jul 2009 - Make whether or not items in subcategories are displayed when browsing categories a configurable option. Also, add count of items in that category to the top of the category display.

3 Jul 2009 - Add rotating selection of 'Special Price' items to the home page. The 'specials' tool must be added to your home page Tool section, and you must have at least one item on special. Because of the graphical nature of this feature, it's best to select items with images.

2 Jul 2009 - Use county sales tax rate for sales in NY state.

24 Jun 2009 - Add system to bulk add, replace, and delete inventory by FTPing a CSV file to the data directory.

19 Jun 2009 - Standardize FTP directory structure for all TS2 accounts. Customers can now FTP inventory, customer, downloads, and images to their websites.

19 Jun 2009 - Add QLR Database Report Generator to all TopSeller II accounts. Allows dealers to generate all sorts of reports on their inventory, customer, order, and other data.

17 Jun 2009 - Expand session data size from 'text' to 'largetext' to fix bug that occured when more than 50 items where added to shopping cart.