Pay-per-click Search Engine Marketing

What is it?

Paid Search Engine Marketing (sometimes called Pay-per-Click Marketing) is the process of taking specific actions to attract as many qualified visitors as possible from paid ads on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. This means:

  • taking specific actions that cause your ads to show up on the first page of search engine results whenever a customer searches for the type of stamps, coins, or collectibles that you specialize in
  • continuously managing the campaign so that it produces a profit

These actions are outlined below.


Paid Search Engine Marketing is probably the most effective and inexpensive forms of marketing available to stamp, coin, and collectible dealers. Among its benefits:
  • Attracts highly qualified visitors: ads can be written to both attract the attention of qualified visitors, and discourage unqualified visitors from clicking.
  • Immediate results: unlike organic search engine marketing, which can take weeks or months to produce results, paid search engine marketing can drive customers to your site immediately.
  • Inexpensive to try: unlike organic search, which requires a substantial up-front investment, you can get started in paid search engine marketing for a few hundred dollars.
  • Easy to target specific collectors: use keywords to make sure your ads are viewed only by your target customers.

Specific Actions

Search Engine Marketing includes the following actions:

  1. Choosing the search marketing strategy: which specialities will you focus on? What's the budget? How will the dealer measure return on investment?
  2. Targeting search engines: which search engines will be targeted? Just US search engines, or does the dealer want to reach collectors in other countries? Which ones?
  3. Choosing keywords: what words do collectors type into search engines when they are shopping for the target specialties? If more than one country is targeted, are the keywords different in different countries?
  4. Setting up paid search account: each search engine has it's own PPC program that must be setup.
  5. Writing ads: PPC ads are a lot like classified ads -- their effectiveness is highly dependant on the copy of the ads.
  6. Optimizing landing pages: adjusting the website convert as many visitors into customers as possible.
  7. Measuring results: especially important for paid search campaigns: you need to know which ads are profitable and which aren't.
  8. Analyzing the results / adjusting ads: based on the actual results measured, decide which ads and keywords should be changed to further improve the results.
The last three steps are usually repeated continuously to achieve and maintain profitability.


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Typically 1-2 weeks for steps 1 through 6 (see above). Once the campaign is launched, results should be immediate.

More Info

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