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Your Interactive Order List

Your Editable Invoice

How Does It All Work?

When a collector places an order through your TopSeller II e-commerce system, this is what happens:

  1. TopSeller II sends a confirmation email to your customer, thanking him or her for their order, and listing all the pertinant information. To see a typical confirmation email, click here.
  2. TopSeller II sends a copy of the confirmation email to you, to alert you that a customer has made a purchase.
  3. You log into your TopSeller II Administrator, and browse to the "My Orders" page. The most recent orders are normally listed at the top of the Order List, so you see the new order at the top.
  4. You check the Order Status. If the collector paid by PayPal or Credit Card, you check to make sure the order was confirmed and payment received. If by check, you probably will wait for the check to arrive (or clear).
  5. Assuming you have received payment, you then click on the Order to view the Invoice. You make sure you have all the items in stock. TopSeller II tracks quanties, but in the real world, sometimes you sell a one-of-a-kind item at a show, and on your website on the same weekend. It's not good, but TopSeller is flexible enough to deal with the situation.
  6. Once the Invoice is correct, you print out a "Printable Invoice" to include in the package. Box up the order, and ship it out. When you do so, you quickly update the order from 'Not Shipped' to 'Shipped' with a single click. To view a typical printable invoice, click here.

TopSeller II helps you manage your inventory, takes orders over the Internet, and helps you track and fulfill orders in a timely, professional manner.

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