How does your website rank for your top 5 keywords?

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Have you been promising yourself to get started with search engine marketing, but you're not sure how to get started? For many large and complex projects, the easiest way to get started is to choose the smallest possible 'chunk' of work that will produce meaningful results.

For organic search engine marketing, the smallest thing you could do to improve your search engine rankings would be to achieve a first-page ranking for your top 5 keywords.

Think this is too small to bother with? If you sell Zeppelin Covers, imagine how it would affect your online sales if your website appeared on the first page of search results, every time a collector search for "Zeppelin Covers" on Google, or Yahoo, or MSN. The same would be true whether your specialty is "colonial coins" or "vegetarian cook books".

Now multiply that difference times 5. This one small change could probably double the number of new collectors to your website!

How to use this form

The first step in achiving this goal is to baseline your current search engine rankings. That is, to discover where you rank -- right now -- for your top five keywords.

To do so, just enter your name, website address, email address, and top 5 keywords. What are your top 5 keywords? For most online dealers, the most important keywords are:

  • Your name (collectors often know a dealer's name, but not his web address)
  • Your 4 most important specialties

A specialty should be a recognizeable sub-category of coin collecting, stamp collecting, or whatever type of collectible you deal in. Choose something that collectors would type into Google, if they wanted to buy something in this specialty. Some examples include:

  • First Day Covers
  • Duck Stamps
  • Graded Stamps
  • Lincoln Cents
  • Roman Coins
  • Colonial Coins

One word, generic keywords like 'stamps', 'coins', and 'covers' are not very useful for collectible dealers, since there are so many other (and bigger!) types of businesses that use those keywords.

For more advice on choosing keywords read our article "How Finding the Right Keywords Can Build Your Online Sales".

Once you submit the form, we will check your ranking for 10 top search engines, create a report, and email it to you. We will get the report to you within 5 working days.

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