Update Domain Name DNS Addresses

If you registered your domain name with Godaddy.com, as recommended, changing your DNS addresses is easy. Just follow the directions below.

If you have your domain name registered some place else, the steps are similar. Just look for links or buttons labled like "Manage your DNS addresses".

Just log into your Godaddy.com address, and click on your domain name to 'manage' it. You'll get  a page that looks like the following:

 In the 'Nameservers' section of the page, click on 'Manage' (see red arrow, above).


Then click on the option "I host my domains with another provider" and change the nameservers to the following:

Nameserver 1:  NS0.IDENTRY.COM

Nameserver 2:  NS1.IDENTRY.COM

Nameserver 3:  NS2.IDENTRY.COM

Click 'OK' and you are done. Remember that it takes 2-3 days for DNS changes to propogate through the Internet, so make these changes at least a few days before you want to use your domain name. It won't hurt anything to make the change even earlier than that.