Website Owner's Checklist

Domain Name

  • Register your domain name (like, We currently recommend as registrar. You should register your domain name yourself, because your domain name should be registered in your name and you should have full control of it.
  • Send us your registrar username and password. We need this to update your domain names DNSrecord (make your domain name point to your new website).

Graphical Design/Navigation Bar

  • Tell us the kind of 'business image' you would like your website to project, such as 'professional', or 'fun'.
  • Send us some ideas about the colors you might want to use in the site design. Our goal will be to come up with a color palette that looks good, and that sends the right message about your company. Here are some ways to get some interesting color ideas:
    • Send us the URLs of some websites that you like.
    • Send us some images, such as stamps or coins, that you might want to include in the banner. We can often pull colors out of such images and build a website around those colors.
    • Use our color picker to choose some colors that send the message you mean to send about your business:
    • Choose a whole color scheme using Adobe's advanced color chooser:
  • Send us the name of your company, as you would like it to read on the website banner.
  • Send us your tag line, or if you do not have one, make one up. A tag line is a short phrase that tells your customers, at a glance, what you sell. Good tag lines are like “Quality Stamps” or “Large Cent Specialists”. A tag line like "Serving collectors since 1875" isn't as good since it doesn't tell visitors what kind of collectibles they will find on your site.
  • If you already have a logo, send it to us.
  • Tell us if you like an unbordered website, with no border or framing around the content, like, or a bordered site, like

Tasks Visitors Can Accomplish

  • Make a list of the tasks your visitors will want to accomplish. Some standard tasks include:
    • “Tell you who I am and what some of my collecting interests are”
    • “Buy stamps/coins/books”
    • “Learn more about you and your company”
    • “Ask questions or provide feedback”
  • However, you also may want visitors to be able to accomplish tasks like:
    • “Get my stamps appraised”
    • “Sell my coins”
    • “Look up your show schedule”
  • Make a list of these tasks and send them to us.

Email Addresses

  • Make a list of email addresses you will want to use. Include name of user, if it is a personal account. List them like this:
Name of User Email Address
Bill Jones
Sally Jones

Keyword List

  • Log onto Google and try to find sites that sell the same kind of items that you specialize in. What search words (called 'keywords') do you use? If you are not an experienced Googler, read the help at "Choosing the right keywords" and come up with a set of 5-10 keywords that are as specific as possible for your specialty. This list of keywords is very important. We will use thesewords to optimize your site for Google and other search engines.
  • Prioritize the list, with the most important keywords first
  • Send us this list.

Inventory and Customer List

  • If you have your inventory in a spreadsheet, database, or text document, send us a sample of your data so we can see how your data is currently formatted.
  • Do the same for your customer list, if it is available in electronic format.
  • If your inventory and/or customer list is not in electronic format, tell us how it is currently stored (index cards, notebook, in your head, etc.)