Website Measurement & Analytics

What is it?

Website Measurement and Analytics is using numbers to:

  • plan and justify a marketing campaign
  • focus marketing campaigns on the best opportunities
  • determine the results of marketing campagins
  • know which campaigns are working and which are not
  • do more of what works, and less of what doesn't
  • adust marketing and websites to gradually improve results

In short, Website Measurement and Analytics takes the guesswork out of marketing, allowing dealers to achive much higher ROI on their marketing investments.

Website Measurement and Analaytics should be budgeted into all online marketing campaigns, because it will pay for itself many times over.

Specific Steps

The specific steps taken will depend on the type of marketing campaign.

For example, to get the most out of a Search Engine Marketing campaign, planning steps would include:

  • Measuring the demand for different types of stamps or coins, to help choose the best marketing opportunity
  • Measuring keyword demand, to choose the best keywords to target
  • Making sure your landing pages are indexed, to ensure your optimization work isn't wasted
  • Baselining your current situation so you have a real numbers to measure changes and improvements against, including
    • Measure the current ranking of your landing pages
    • Measure the current ranking of your competitors
    • Measure the current visitor traffic
    • Measure current conversion rate
    • Measure current sales
  • Projecting future sales so you can set realistic and achievable goals

A Search Engine Marketing campaign is executed as a cycle of Adjust -> Measure -> Report -> Analyze -> Adjust. This cycle is repeated until the campaign goals have been achieved. Measurements include:

  • Measuring changes in ranking of landing pages, and deciding what other changes to make to landing pages for further improvement
  • Measuring changes in visitor traffic, and deciding if changes to landing page tags could further improve click-through rates
  • Measuring changes in conversion rate, and deciding if change to the shopping cart, online catalog, or other conversion devices could further improve conversion rates
  • Measuring changes in sales

Other types of marketing campaigns, such as Pay-per-Click or Print Advertising campaigns would have a different, but similar set of measurements.

Each campaign is planned and measured individually to ensure each plan meets its individual goals.


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For the duration of the marketing campaign.

More Info

Please contact John Almberg, our Managing Partner, if you would like more information, or are interested in this service.

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