Identry Company Background

John Almberg — Managing Partner

John Almberg has worked in an entrepreneurial or start-up environment his entire working life.

His first position out of university was as the 4th member of Octocom, Inc., a successful Boston-area startup. This telecommunications company went from startup to IPO in 5 years, and was eventually purchased by Cisco Systems.

Afterwards, he spent 4 years as Project Manager for SITA, a Geneva-based company that operates largest privately-owned telecommunications network in the world. He managed multi-million dollar projects at some of the largest airports in the world, including Heathrow, Barcelona, JFK, and Bankok Airports.

He was then promoted to SITA's global Product Manager for Airport Services. For 6 years, John invented and brought to life two global, network-based systems (CUTE-OS -- common-use terminal equipment system; and CUBES -- common-use baggage handling system) that are still used to handle millions passengers and baggage every day at most of the world's largest airports, including Heathrow, Schiphol, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, O'Hare, and JFK.

Currently, John is Managing Partner of Identry, LLC, a New York-based startup that provides innovative marketing solutions to online businesses. 

Helena Di Paola — Partner

Helena Di Paola graduated with a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Mackenzie University, 1984, Sao Paulo, Brazil and a Masters in Environmental Science, Lenox Institute for Research, 1989, Lenox, MA, USA.

She spent 7 years in an international business environment, pioneering as one of the first female engineers for BASF in Brazil and Consolidated Edison in New York.

She then started her own translation agency, specializing in engineering translations in English, Portuguese, and Russian, in which she is fluent.

Helena is currently a founding partner of Identry.

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